Owning a business is a marvelous experience — for growing your income and engaging in your community, be it local on online.  I believe self-employment is especially pertinent to the over-50 crowd for a variety of reasons.  See if any one of these resonates with you:

  • You’re over 50 (or 40!) and have been laid off and you can’t find a job.  Age discrimination is still rampant.
  • Retirement is looming and you don’t have nearly enough saved.  You need to add a second stream of income.
  • Your expenses can’t be whittled any further—you simply need to earn more.
  • You have a hobby that you’ve always dreamed of turning into a business.
  • Retirement is boring and isolating.  You may be one of those who’s happier working.  You need to engage with your community.

Starting a small business is a dream for many people, but they make it never get around to it due to fear.  My hope is to demystify the topic and encourage others to get put their toe in the water.  I encourage you to start small, to keep it low-risk and affordable.  But start.  After that, you can grow your business to suit your needs.

Paula Ward is an former business owner and business instructor at community colleges in the greater Seattle area.  She has enjoyed self-employment and teaching small business management, and hopes to share what she’s learned over the years.  She received her M.B.A. from the University of Washington, but received her real education when she started her first business.

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