Small Business Ideas for Retirees

Over 50 and thinking of starting a small business?  I bet you’ve been googling, “what business should I start?”  I’ve tried it, and as a result I’m not a fan of lists that tout the “Top Ten Businesses You Should Start NOW.”   I think they’re too general, and written by journalists, not people who have actually started businesses.

Small business people using laption

Small business using laptop,

But I liked this list from Business News Daily  aimed at over-50’s.  It has realistic advice about using your existing skills and experience. 

Be Creative?!? Please…
I don’t love the final tidbit to “be creative.”  Otherwise, I think it encourages retirees to claim their expertise and knowledge.

One Caveat
It’s good advice, although I don’t know the alleged experts they mention, nor the books written by them.

Another Viewpoint

Here’s a list of suggestions from readers, from Retired Brains (I love the name!).  They are real life, easy-to-start businesses that draw on real-life skills and experience.