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It was only a couple of years ago that I stumbled on the notion of product validation, or minimum viable product.  In the tech space it means testing your product idea before you go to the time and expense of building your product.  It’s a (comparatively) low-cost way to ask, “does anyone want this?” besides asking your mom what she thinks.

Not Just for Tech

The simpler your business idea, the simpler the validation process.  Starting simple is good.

I am sharing a couple of posts that will lead you to some great blogs on business start-ups and earning online.

From Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income

Don’t waste time and money building a product that isn’t going to sell. Here are some product idea validation strategies you can use today.

Source: 6 Ways to Validate a Product Idea Before You Waste Your Time and Money

Validation Should Be Low-Cost (or Free!)

Kurt Frankenberg at Shoestring 101 has a couple of posts about validating your business idea on Craigslist, on Fiverr, and on the three most overlooked social sites that are right to the point.

Get Off Your Tuffet

This no-frills, down and dirty advice is just the opposite of what most of us want to hear.  And by most of us, I mean me.

I’m what’s known as an information seeker.  I think I can study something to death and it will magically happen.  It’s one of the things that has made me a good teacher, but waiting until you think you know enough can be paralyzing.

These validation methods are simple enough for anyone to try without needing a lot of technical expertise.  And they’re a good test of hustle, the one indispensable ingredient for any business.

Check out these links, plus my article on testing your idea, all completely opposite the usual BS of writing a business plan.

One thought on “Test Your Business Idea

  1. Kurt Frankenberg

    The best way to see if people will buy your product is to put it up for sale 🙂
    The price and the bells and whistles can come later. I just put stuff on Amazon, Ebay, Fiverr, Craigslist, etc and see who nibbles and why.
    Nice article Paula, hope to hear from you again.

    Keep Stepping,

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